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    Meet CBLD

    For over three decades, Craig Bergmann Landscape Design has won critical acclaim for intertwining design, horticulture and architecture in a way that is unique to Northern Illinois. The firm is known for its award-winning attention to detail, establishing a true dialogue between the living garden and the architectural site.


    Commitment to Sustainability

    At CBLD, we?re serious about conserving natural resources, reducing waste and maximizing ecological synergies between plantings.


    A few examples of how we practice our craft…

    Embracing Nature

    Garden of Asian Antiquities

    House of the Four Winds

    Contemporary City Rooftop

    Urban Seclusion

    Boutique Hotel Restoration

    • 900 Property Tour

      You’re invited to take a virtual walk around our Design Studio and country gardens, which are situated on the historic Armour estate at 900 N. Waukegan Road in Lake Forest.

      View Details
    • "Working with Craig and his team over many years has been a magical journey into gardening and landscape design. His unerring eye for detail, his encyclopedic knowledge of plants, flowers, trees, and all things green, and his aesthetic sensibilities combined with a wonderful "bedside manner" make for a winning combination. Craig is particularly gifted at not only sharing his thoughts, but also in helping us articulate our vision for our gardens and helping us realize that vision. Working with Craig has been a collaborative delight and the most important lesson he has imparted on us is that gardens are good for the soul." Owners of the Intimate Sunken Garden

    • "Working with Craig Bergmann and his team has been an unexpected delight. He listened to our ideas, and then improved upon the breadth and scope with his vision and access to antiques. We never dreamed that our gardens would turn out to be so beautiful the entire year. For their efforts, Craig and his team have received a national award, and well-deserved recognition." Owners of the French Mediterranean Gardens

    • "Working with Craig and his team of garden professionals entails much more than just a wonderful garden design. The ongoing weekly garden care helps to maintain the integrity of the original design. Our weekly Craig Bergmann Landscape Design team has a relationship with our garden, and they know exactly how to bring it to its true potential." Owners of Embracing Nature

    • "No two Craig Bergmann gardens are alike, even in the same space from year to year. They are three-dimensional, layered, textured, colorful art, changing with the seasons and evolving over time. What defines a Craig Bergmann garden is its passionate delight in growing! It is certainly an ongoing source of enrichment and pleasure for those of us lucky enough to live with one." Owners of Textured Refuge

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